Watson’s has been right where it stands for over 100 years. It is still a working drug store with a pharmacy as well as a wonderful diner. Offering a wide aray of long forgotten sodas and shake combinations. My grandparents came to Watson’s, my parents came to Watson’s and today I took my boys to Watson’s. Just feels right.


IMG_2476-1And for those of you who hate to watch videos (it is only 3 minites), here some favorite pics. This wasn’t a full blown field trip- just a little lunch and a quick walk around Orange Circle (or Orange Plaza for the historians reading) through the antique shops and silly stores. Including a stop in the Army-Navy Surplus store. Just because you can never do enough firearm and camo shopping with your kids I say.




His first Blue Cream Frostie Soda! And he loved it!


Family Field Trip: Bowers Museum

My kids love art… So we took a visit to Bowers Museum in Santa Ana today. And saw a bunch of old stuff. Of course I could have done without the exhibit on death and burial rituals with graphic videos playing every time I turned a corner. “No mommy doesn’t know why they are dancing [...]

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You’ll have to imagine on this one.

  An update to my camera trauma. I made it to the glorious Canon factory this morning, soon after they opened. Took a number and told my sad tale the girl at the counter. She said it would be ready for pick up in A WEEK.  So since I have no photos of today’s events [...]

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OC Blogger Ball 2009…needs your help!

I am starting to make plans for a little get-together, happening sometime next Summer I think. Just a gathering of OC (and near) Bloggers. We will share ideas, have a cocktail, meet each other face to face, have another cocktail and make each other laugh. BlogHer and BlissDom are great….and I wish I could attend [...]

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AdTalk: Frank works the room

  See entire AdTalk Series page on right sidebar!

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Adtalk: Noreen learns to knit

Ralph: Honey its not that I don’t love your knitting, it just that these acrylic underwear are a bit itchy. Noreen: Just smile for the camera Ralph and stop complaining. Ralph: I’m not complaining…I mean I love this poncho. Who knew a blanket-top thing could be so stylish? Noreen: Okay now you are mocking me. [...]

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He dropped it. And I lost it.

A few days ago Jack borrowed my most beloved possession. My Canon SD950 IS camera. He wanted to shoot a video of Tucker standing on his head and singing ‘Single Ladies’ (Beyonce’)…so it seemed like a good reason to me. And he came back and said the words no camera mother wants to hear ‘I [...]

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"No Christmas, after Christmas"

Christmas came. Christmas went…and I am exhausted. This year it was my moms turn to host the family party. But with my dad gone and her back hurting I of course helped to make it happen. And it is a lot of work to have a sit down BANQUET for 26 people. Bringing over tables, [...]

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I’ve got that warm feeling…

Christmas excess and overkill…..Merry Christmas everyone!

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