A friend of mine encouraged us to visit the Costco in Yorba Linda today to try a sample of a new product called “Fun Quenchers“. My friend’s company, OC Flavors, supplies flavors to them for their products and she asked us to help show our support. One sip and my kids were sold! These are low sugar, no artificial colors, non-staining flavored waters in 8 oz juice pouches. But the real glory of these guys? NO STRAW. They have this innovative pop top thingy…..which means my kids will never be sent to school again with a juice pouch and no straw attached! (yes, I know good mommies check these things before sending them off to school- but hey some mornings I am lucky to remember to pack lunch at all!). They were VERY affordable. We got home and the kids have had two each already! I will have to go back for more soon! Check out their website for more info and where to get….

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