1994….and the drinking was good.

Welcome to this week’s edition from Sincerely Fro’ Me to you (name in reference to some clearly bad hair choices made in the early 80′s. I don’t want to actually use the word PERM or you might think I condone them) Here we go…

It’s 1994 and am living in a fabulous little rental house on Rosewood in Los Angeles. One block off Melrose. Yes, that Melrose. I remember loving this little Spanish bungalow because of the granite counters in the bathroom. Well it was granite TILES. And the granite was PINK. But still. Granite. This place was walking distance from about 5 of the ‘hot spots’ in LA at the time, and my friends and I took full advantage of that fact. Actually, come to think of it- THAT might be the real reason I rented this place and it had nothing to do with the granite.

Every Friday and Saturday night- my place was the start and finish spot for the ‘group’. Ah, my group; a lesbian music video producer best friend, her beautiful sister who was a professional dancer and the voice of Snapple for a while, a literary status climber from Kentucky, a gay man who was TV  executive in children’s programming at NBC and an English nanny turned talent scout for the Music business. We had more VIP passes than we knew what to do with. We were on the list at every door in town. This was a good crowd to hang with. Smart. Successful and BIG drinkers. SO look over my shoulder at the bottles on the counter. Those were just the ones for DISPLAY. The cabinets above (yes, all three) were filled with nothing but ALCOHOL. And what is in my hands? A bottle of Vernor’s. Makes an excellent mixer ya know.

And I miss the whole ‘vest’ fashion statement. Makes every figure look good. I might be bringing that back soon. Ya know- just as soon as I get my drink on again.

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