Let’s look in my drawers today!

Anyone who knows me- knows that I love to organize. So today when I was faced with 6 glorious hours of freedom quiet while the kids were at school, I decided to clean out some of my kitchen drawers. You know after I ate some bon-bons and watched my stories that is. So here is what it looked like before. Note the toothpicks from 1950. They have card symbols on them…ya know for the ever present Bridge party housewives were having in the 1950′s I guess. Either way I think they are awesome. So awesome that I have never used them- even though I have owned them for about 15 years. Its pathetic really.

And now for the after. Lets take a look and because I am lame you will need the vision of Superman to read it. But that was the best I could do people. I was tired after all this cleaning stuff.

I think by looking in my drawers you can tell a lot about me. I am huge cookie maker and all around great chef. I make home-made pizza, prefer my food round, and I count every calorie and fat gram in every home cooked meal I make each night. I squeeze my own orange juice by hand and I make delicious pot roasts which are cooked to perfection using great electronic meat thermometer. And I have a very healthy appetite for fine wine and beverages requiring a bottle opener. Don’t believe every thing you see people. This is proof.

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