The Ultimate G.I.R.L. Party…hope you can make it!

Guess what? I am going to be having a party SOON and I hope you want to join in the fun.  What is this? Who can join? Well you are ALL invited!

DIRECT Link (Mr. Linky) to a past post OR photo that shows us all what YOUR GLAMOROUS LIFE looks like. You know…the real glamour of being a wife/mother/maid. Photo of you cleaning toilets? Perfect. Kids spilled an entire box of Cheerios on the floor? Excellent. A story about how the PTA has it out for you and yet you continue to volunteer? Right on……you see, from the outside this gig we have looks ‘so darn glamorous’, but we know the truth don’t we? Have a great product suggestion to make our lives easier-link to that too!!! Okay so here are the rules  ah  guidelines….fine, suggestions.

1.Does not have to be something you post that day (although that is super great) but can be from the recent past.

  1. 2. Do me a favor and link back to me. Ya know…since this is the G.I.R.L. PARTY PAD and all.
  2. 3.Pick up this little logo to display on your site. So everyone will know…That you are a GLAMOUR GIRL. And have earned a lifetime membership in The Glamorous Life Association! (see code in sidebar)
  3. 4. Spread the word. Let others know there is finally a place to showcase the not-so-glamorous side of all that we do.

So pick out an outfit, find the designated driver and put on your good bra….cuz this is gonna be one heck of a party ladies! Entertainment will be provided….um, by YOU!

So happy to have you join us!!!!

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