Glamorous In Real Life Party!

Welcome! To the first weekly G.I.R.L. party. Let’s take a look at what The Glamorous Life really looks like! And please take the time visit all the other girls at the party…there is some very ‘glamorous’ (and I use the word very loosely and extremely sarcastically) stuff going on!

Want more information about The G.I.R.L. Party (weekly) visit here. You know it isn’t a party until you are there! So please join in!

Candid Carrie (she is behind all this nonsense. So thank her with a visit okay? PHOTO)

MomZombie (she is a mom- but not a zombie. trust me)

I think we are all Bozos on the bus (Go on, get on the bus!)

Canadian Living (…..Eh? They live glamorous there too! with PHOTO)

She Just Had to Say It (this one is every man’s fantasy)

Soup is NOT a Finger Food (This entry uses the word SQUALOR. That alone deserves a click.)

I think I’m an Artist (she is totally an artist. And a glamorous one at that!)

Short Pump Preppy (she has to change grocery stores because she is SO glamorous!)

It is Okay to be Weird! (Feeling frumpy? Click over and see what to do about it!)

I love Retro Things (Can’t imagine anything retro NOT being glamorous!)

Lit and Laundry (There is a reason she is SO popular. Go see for yourself!)

Foolery (WOW. So much glamour here…she gives us options. Go look. You’ll thank me)

Alive in Wonderland (Hold on everyone- we’re having an earthcake!)

Bugs and Bunnies (she’s got her husband doing the laundry folks. No I am not kidding!)

The Adventures of Super Mommy (wow a real super mommy!)

The Zen in You (oh she has Zen AND glamour!)

Prose and Converse (she embodies the glamorous life….)


You should have had time to click around to see all these lovely ladies living their extremely glamorous lives (squalor and all), so I will tell you a little story about a very UNglamorous party I once had. Oh there were invitations, decorations, guests and even a cake. But first let me tell you about WHY I had this party. Jack was 2 years and 3 months old, and I had just had his baby brother. Well as soon as the reality hit of having to change diapers on TWO kids a day hit me…it became rather important to me to get Jack potty trained. So I started with the usual, rewards, sticker charts and reading books. We watched video tapes with funny characters talking about ‘poo-poo’ and ‘pee-pee’. Oh he was entertained…but the darn kid still wasn’t using the potty. Finally in what can only be classifies as an act of desperation (and part genius) I simply LIED to him. One morning I said to him “Oh no Jack. Mommy is so upset and she just doesn’t know WHAT to do!”…he was concerned and asked what happened. “The store is ALL out of diapers in big boy sizes…they only have the size for babies now! I just don’t know what to do Jack! Oh NO!” I may have been fake crying when he said “Oh that is okay mommy- I will just go on the potty from now on!”. And lo and behold. HE DID. From that moment he went on the potty. Oh we had a few wet accidents….but for the most part it totally and completely WORKED. I was so thrilled with him (and me) I threw him a ‘Bye Bye Diaper Party’ that weekend. We invited the neighborhood kids. I actually bought the gifts for them to give and delivered to their home ahead of time along with a new diaper on which I had written the invitation; Every guest gave one pair of new underwear in small gift bag. It was inspired. But when I went to go buy the cake the pastry chef suggested a cake in the shape of a diaper. And I am not even kidding when she said ‘you know CHOCOLATE cake with white frosting’. Are you getting the visual? Yeah too gross. Even for someone like me- who was clearly living GLAMOROUS in real life!

(Photos courtesy of Jack who allowed me to post . The first is him ‘reading’ National Geographic-still his favorite, and the second is the diaper party crew)

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