The longest night of my life….

In a little break from my mortifying photos of ME from my colorful past. As seen here, and here and here. This week in my Sincerely Fro Me to You post (hosted by We are THAT Family) I am not putting up a photo of me at all. But instead it is a photo of my son Tucker at 8 weeks old. AND YES it is super mega can’t-believe-she-calls-herself-a-photographer BLURRY. There is a REASON.

From the time I brought Tucker home he threw up. Bottle in, bottle back out. He didn’t just spit up…he THREW up. Like in a poltergeist sorta way. I am talking on the sofa, on the curtains, and once ON the CEILING fan. My doctor would condescendingly say….”oh you have a spitter there. It will get better, blah,blah, blah…its your fault,blah,blahblah” and send me home. Well that went on for 8 solid weeks. Until one morning when I was feeding him and he threw up before he had taken an ounce and it went- IN MY MOUTH-I decided to get in control. Hmmm, what to do? Go to the Internet of course!!!! Where I stayed all day researching. By late afternoon I was VERY certain my poor baby had Pyloric Stenosis. I drove to the ER at 4:00pm. I told them my self diagnosis. They nearly LAUGHED at me, but I persisted. They agreed to do an ultra sound. They agreed, I think just to get rid of me. Around 11:00pm they came to me and said “Your son has severe Pyloric Stenosis and needs surgery within 8 hours”. I was over come with TRIUMPH and IN YOUR FACE STUPID CONDECENDING DOCTOR and the obvious total fear that my poor 8 week old infant had to undergo surgery. Then he said ‘he can not eat for the next 8 hours until the surgery’. So I sat in a hospital room with a screaming infant for 8 solid hours. He was looking and me and begging me to FEED him. And I could not. It was a living hell. Something I will never ever forget. Every mother should be able to feed her children when they are hungry. Sadly this is not a reality. Sometime during that night I took this photo.

Cameras were not allowed in the hospital and It was night time so I could not use a flash, so that is why it is blurry. And I was shaking from exhaustion and fear. So this is not a photo you will ever find framed on my mantle…but it IS in his scrapbook. Along with a piece of paper the doctor doodled on to explain the surgery. All went well. We all came thru it…..and I learned that a mothers instinct and the Internet make a powerful combination.


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