Other one of my great but crazy world improvements.

I was invited by a few blogger friends to join a ’meet-n-greet’ in Dallas in a few weekends and we all getting pretty darn excited. You know, just to be able to put a real unphotoshopped face to the words we read from each other everyday. To get to chat totally unedited and see what comes out. And really to see if we still like each other in 3D. One of the girls (I can call her girl because she is MUCH younger than me) sent out a fabulous ‘get-to-know-you’ questionnaire. So we would not have to spend all week studying the archives of each others blogs to find out basic information about each other. So it had conversational  questions like ‘How many kids do you have again?’, ‘What is your husband’s name again?’, and the most important ‘Do you have insurance that will cover injuries from a drunken pillow fight?’. Yes, all important questions when you are planning on a weekend with well, sorta (but not really) strangers. It got me thinking- wouldn’t it be great if we could hand out these ‘questionnaires’ to ALL of our acquaintance’s?  You know- those random ladies from the PTA that you can not keep their name straight no matter how hard you try. Or the neighbor you seem to have a mental block on her profession. Of course I would ask for a current photo too-so I can keep them all visually straight. Then I could file them in a cute binder with a ‘Friend Facts’ label on the front. And the next time I wonder “when is Suzanne’s birthday?”, or “where the heck does Vicki work again?”….I will just crack open my handy dandy ‘Friend Fact Binder’ and be all over it. Okay maybe this idea is a little Type A and….slightly creepy. So for starters, how about everyone starts wearing name tags EVERYDAY. EVERY WHERE. That would really really help me out. That means you lady at Tae Kwon Do that knows my name but I can’t remember hers to save my life. Thanks. Much appreciated.

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