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Dear Lego;

I wanted to take a break out of my very glamorous life (which includes a constant rotation of laundry, ironing, dishes, drop off, pick up etc) to express to you, my true adoration for all things LEGO. lego-egg-cupsMy enjoyment started early, when as a child I received a flat box with a flip lid which said “250 Pieces of FUN” on the box. It was the largest Lego set on the market at the time- and I was thrilled. It came with one lego ‘tree’ which was really my prized possession in Lego world. See this was long before you made Spongebob and Batman sets and other items modeled after life like items. I loved that tree. And in fact I still have it. Yes, seriously. Actually that entire set still exists at my mom’s house-and has helped to entertain several of her children AND grandchildren over 30 years. Although I think that set is down to about 200 pieces, given the inevitable death by vacuum for small pieces. 

Eggo-LegoSo it was natural for me to dive head first into ALL things LEGO when I became a mother of two boys. We bought and bought. I built and built. We had annual passes to Legoland in California. Where I would spend a small fortune in the gift shop buying such oddities as Lego salt and pepper shakers and lego key chains. I now happily serve drinks with Lego ice cubes and Lego shaped toaster waffles. And yes, they do stack nicely. lego_ice_cube

With multitudes of loving grandparents and relatives it seems my boys have owned every single toy on the market. And every year- before Christmas we clean out their rooms and toy boxes with the toys they have out grown. And even though my eldest is 10 years now…the Lego’s always STAY. It is never a consideration. It is the only toy investment that seems to transcend age groups. A 4 year old gets as my lego messmuch joy as a 10 year old. And they can play with them together. Plenty to go around. And when I say plenty…I mean THOUSANDS. For a while the Lego collection lived in a large vintage suitcase. Then there was the Saturday I decided we should sort them BY COLOR into bins. Eight hours later we were finished. And TWO days later it looked like this (see photo of the disaster that is my Lego collection now). So I gave up.il_430xN_6173406

SO as much as I love all things LEGO, I have some limits. I have no plans to wear ‘Lego-Couture’ jewelry anytime soon. I will not convert my phone or lamp into a Lego encrusted piece. I will not be replacing my leather sofas with Lego Brick couches. Sorry.

BUT, if you have an extra IPOD speaker set, USB Memory stick or even the adorable MP3 player laying around feel free to send them my way. They are fun.

So this is just a little note to let you know how much I love you Lego. Thank you for years of fun and creative expression. Not to mention quality- heck I have fished Lego bricks out of vacuum bags, garbage disposals and once a toaster all in working condition. Oh and one last thing. I thought I would submit an idea for a new ‘person’. I call her ‘Glamorous Blogger’. You are wlego_ipod_speakerselcome.melted-LEGO-lamp









Marcy Massura

The Glamorous Life Association

legoSofaglamorous bloggermp3_lego

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