A brand new classic.

Jack: Hey mom have you ever heard of Huck Finn? Its a book.

(I am in the next room folding laundry)

Me: Ah, YEAH Jack. It is like a classic ya know.

Jack: Yeah, it is pretty good. I heard there is another one by this guy called Tom Sawyer.

Me: Actually Tom Sawyer was written before Huck Finn.

Jack: Aw man, you mean I read the sequel before the original? Bummer.

Me: You can read them out of order. They are both great.

Jack: Yeah, someone should totally buy the rights and make Huck Finn into a movie. I could totally see it as a movie. Hey maybe I will make it into a movie…like after college.

Me: Good idea Jack.

Jack: Isn’t it funny that a ‘classic’ to you is like new to me? That’s cool.

Me: That’s way cool Jack. Way. Cool.


adventures_of_huck_finn Huck_Finn huckleberryfinn

Apparently Jack was not the first to think Huck Finn would do well on the silver screen.

Looks like over to 8 movie versions were made. But I am sure Jack’s will be the best. Y’all just have to wait like 15 years to see it.

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