Look at my bewbies!

Note: The original purpose of the We are THAT Family linky was to show the photos that never made it into scrapbooks, because they are a) too embarrassing b) shows how weird your family is or c) just bizarre. So today- instead of my usual humiliation by showing a photo of ME…I wanted to share a photo of Jack at age 5. The day when I scared him into therapy.

When you are lucky enough to be the mother of boys (yes, you are a M.O.B. member) you find your self saying all kinds of things. Things you hope the neighbors don’t hear. Jack while playing in a tree house at grandma’s thought these orange/lemon/grapefruit (no idea what kind of fruit these are) decided to ‘pose’ with them. Just in time for me to take a photo. And he yelled ‘Hey mom look at my bewbies!’. To which I replied “Jack put those down! You do not play with boobs!” it was then I think I heard the neighbor behind the fence laugh. I may have scared Jack away from boobs for good. Pretty sure Jack is gonna need lots of therapy someday.¬†Just send me the bill son.


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