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I had a couple readers ask what the kids were for Halloween already this morning-so I thought I better get a pic up. Tucker made mommy very happy when after shopping on-line and selecting several costumes in the $65 range, he selected this lovely S.W.A.T. number which was all of $19.00. And Jack? Well, Jack went as an Identity Crisis. Those are ‘Hello my name is" stickers all over his shirt with question marks. And yes, he gave me grief about using his  pumpkin candy bag this year. Something about a pillow case is way more mature. Whatever. Way to break your mother’s heart kid. He has used that pumpkin bag for 9 years, which proves not everything you buy from Lillian Vernon catalogue falls apart after the first use. Oh and me? Yeah, I went with the Glamorous Witch look. Which translates into hat from Target 4 years ago, a velvet Christmas dress I found in my closet and 99cent spider web stockings. And Voila! Glamour!

It was a wonderful night. Spent with friends who take Halloween even more seriously than me. Complete with giant car sized spider climbing up their house and a haunted house in their garage. It was awesome. And the margaritas weren’t bad either!


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