Its a G.I.R.L. Party! Come on in!

girlparty1Welcome to this month’s Glamorous In Real Life Party! So glad you could make it….the party wouldn’t be the same without you. As you know this is B.Y.O.P., so please leave your DIRECT link at the door with Mr. Linky. Leave your car keys too if you are planning on having a little too much fun. Haven’t heard about this party and wondering what to expect or how to join in the fun? Just click HERE for the whole scoop! Posts about the not-so-glamorous sides of our lives as well as products that help make our life easier (read GLAMOROUS) are what this is all about.

Okay…now for the main course. My Glamorous in Real Life moment this month (although there are always MANY)…. Recently while visiting a quaint village chock full of charming trinkets and hand-made crafts, my boys stopped dead in their tracks and promised their life away if ONLY we would buy them one of THESE…..A PVC Marshmallow Shooter. Well, I caved because they were only $6.00 and it was actually hand-made. (Plan can be found here) And besides a marshmallow ‘shooter’ is totally different than a ‘marshmallow GUN’ right?

After stopping at the store on the way home to stock up on ‘ammo’ I let the boys go play with their new toys out in front of the house. (Ya know so mommy could get her blog on) Figuring it was harmless right? Well I stepped out front an hour later to see the entire street covered in mini-marshmallow ammo. And they were melting fast. And I knew this was just BAD neighbor behavior. So what’s a glamorous mom to do? Yup, get the broom and start to sweep the entire street….now THAT, my party guest, is living glamorous in real life!

IMG_1492 copy

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