Swedish Rock Band #3: Jan Kenths



Yeah BACK lighting is just what this band needs. It shows off their thinning hair and receding hair-lines perfectly. Not to mention Mr. Business-in-the-front-party-in-the-back guy with the sweet micro mustache. All the chicks must have thought he was the HOT one. Hey ladies, how glad are you WHITE pants for men went out of style? And who in God’s earth advised Mr. Frizz-Hair to put his hands in his pockets? Good lord- as if he wasn’t looking a little ‘hippy’ already. Come to think of it out of four guys I can only see ONE hand in this photo. Perhaps that is what ‘Jan Kenths’ means? The Handless? 

Man I am glad I am not Swedish. I don’t think I would be the woman I am today if I had to grow up listening to band who wore fruit-motif shirts.

I am sure of it.


*Hi Susan and Susan’s brother. Hey do you think we could hire Jan Kenths for the big New Years bash? Now that would be awesome.

I know you want MORE Swedish Rock Bands right? Use the search tool on the sidebar for “swedish”. Enjoy!

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