Princesses are totally over-rated.

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Me: Go on Jack go stand by Sophia (insanely adorable little girl who was our neighbor at the time)

Jack:  She won’t take a picture with me. She doesn’t like me.

Me: Why do you think she doesn’t like you?

Jack: Every time I stand by her she walks away. Plus she called me a poopie-head.

Me: I still think she likes you Jack. Tell you what….. Let’s test it out.

Jack: How?

Me: (whispering in his ear) Go stand by her and if she doesn’t move away-she must like you.

(Jack walks over to Sophia, who apparently was also the reigning princess at the time, and he stands close. She doesn’t walk away. She sorta winces smiles for the camera.)

Jack: Mom! you were right!!! (thumbs up)


Later after looking at the photo….

I notice Sophia had a way of expressing her true feelings. WITH HER HANDS. And she isn’t smiling. That girl is WINKING.

Poor Jack.

But that’s okay….he has moved on since then. He is totally over the whole princess thing.

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