Swedish Rock Band #4: Thor~Erics



Thor: Come on guys! my cousin is a professional photographer and has a studio in his basement. He has a groovy brown backdrop and a killer hair-light. He can make us look awesome!

Erics #2: Fine. But I need time to get my hair done first.

Looks like all the members of Thor~Eric had time to hit the beauty salon before heading down to the basement studio. With a band motto to ‘never reveal our ears’ there was some serious use of a curling iron. Eric #1 never had a problem with it, and Eric #2 even added facial hair into the mix.  They were all hell-bent on going with the "I-am-a-serious-musician-but-I-can-convince-you-to-buy-this-album-with-my-killer-eye-contact" look too. Well everybody but Sven. He was a rebel and refused to look at Thor’s cousin when he was taking his photo. He was still mad his name was left out of the band name. Thor had control issues. I suppose the closed mouth/serious look was beneficial for Eric #3′s bad dental issues.  But he was sporting those awesome sorta-sunglass-glasses so most gigs the ladies barely noticed his missing teeth. Thor had another cousin who was a dentist, so  by their next album they can crack a smile.

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UPDATE: WOW. First time in the series. I found them.

On You Tube of course. Apparently they hate hippies. No I am not kidding.



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