Swedish Rock Band #5: Skip’z


Hey everybody, its time to listen to the sounds of “Skip’z”! I think as the series progresses they are getting worse better and better. Let me introduce you to the band. From L to R. There is Agustas who is holding his air-pool cue. And Einar who blows his sax till either his ears pop or he passes out. He was never any good either, which caused Gunnar lots of grief. So Gunnar, who really was in the band to get the ladies, came up with this ‘stance’ to protect his hearing. He pretended standing like this ‘was his thing’, but we all know why he was covering his ears. Damn Agustas. ……..And finally there’s Lukas. He was a pretty groovy guy, and he came up with the whole facial hair angle for the band and the band name. Which is pretty daring considering this was in the era of RECORDS. Which ya know. Skip.


Update: I found them AGIAN. (after I already invented names for them). But this time you have to click over to hear their songs. Click here . Oh man is it worth it. Too lazy? Let me show you some lyrics from one of their songs in English.

Titled “Do you wanna make love with me”

This night I won’t be late,here I am just give me a date. I did hope you will just fall,as you see I’m not very tall.

And another (cuz I know you love this) “Love by Mail”

Was looking in websites.I did chat with some babes.I didn’t find me the tall one,that gave me right waves…..

I hope they got therapy to help them with their height issues and any latent psychological damage wearing matching outfits might have caused.

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