AdTalk: I must be using them wrong


By all suspension of logic, the dynamic ad team (you know them as Bob & Mike) decided to go with a BALD woman to advertise a blow dryer for HAIR. The concept was something about how owning a blow dryer is fun even if you were BALD. Huh? Really? I mean- I have had a lot of blow dryers in my day- and well, none of them have been particularly ‘FUN’. Perhaps I am using them wrong? During the concept meeting, when Mike mentioned finding a bald model, Bob replied with “yes, but be sure she is attractive” and then the room erupted in laughter- since it was known that attractiveness is traded for CREEPY when you are a bald model. Of course this may have been her one and only modeling job. Well, except for that bit part in Invasion of the Body Snatchers and later her print work in the “Fun Wigs for You!” catalog. But the best part of this Ad, has to be the passive tag line being used by Panasonic this year; “Panasonic.Just slightly ahead of our time”. Well, at least they are honest. They played around with “Way ahead of our time” and “Insanely ahead of our time”, but after R&D took a look at the product line, and realized they weren’t ahead of anything, they recommended to stick with the passive ‘slightly’. It is a bit like saying “we are sorta-kinda-pretty-much-almost-but-not-really-better-than-the-next-guy”. Bob and Mike have nailed it again. Hard to believe Panasonic isn’t a world leader in fun hair care products by now.

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