Gettin’ lit up for Christmas.

IMG_4311-1We went looking at a Christmas light spectacle near our home tonight. Streets and streets of insane  people who not only decorate every single thing on and around their homes, some also serve hot chocolate, have live bands and put out chairs for you to sit and enjoy. We walked several blocks, taking in the sheer effort and cost of it all. It is simply wonderful. One house in particular is a favorite every year. It makes no attempt for cohesive design or color story. It does not keep to a ‘Snowman’ or “Santa only’ theme. It is simply…every single swinging thing they own that may or may not be related to Christmas brought out into their front yard. Last year it included a lit up cut-out of George Bush. And this year had a Statue of Liberty (they are patriotic folk). Take a look at the photo….a snowman playing the drums ten feet away from an LED baby Jesus. It is AWESOME.

(BTW: My friend Suzanne took a picture of this SAME house earlier in the week. And I must have stood in the same SPOT. Great minds ya know….Check it out here.)

While we don’t live in this crazy neighborhood, we do live on a street where every house is quite elaborately decorated. Everyone except US. This year I just didn’t feel like it. My girlfriend up the street told me someone asked if we were out of town. She just told them yes. Guess it was easier than explaining that we are just LAZY.



And how about some live action. A home light show coordinated to music….now this is an Orange County Christmas for sure!  (only about 20 seconds)

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