Family Field Trip: Bowers Museum

My kids love art…

IMG_2432 copy

So we took a visit to Bowers Museum in Santa Ana today. And saw a bunch of old stuff. Of course I could have done without the exhibit on death and burial rituals with graphic videos playing every time I turned a corner. “No mommy doesn’t know why they are dancing with the dead baby”…just not something I ever thought I would have to say. But the Quilt exhibit was neat as were all the ancient Chinese artifacts. Such a lovely peaceful place to visit. Museums are like my church. They recharge me.

My mom went with us. (I know, I know we look a lot alike) And as you can see Tucker got dressed up for the day in his new Tie T-Shirt from Santa. And Jack is still wearing his new flannel-with EVERYTHING. And EVERYday. I wonder if Kurt Cobain’s mom had the same complaint. Of course she was probably more concerned about the HEROIN and not so much his fashion sense.

 (I promised to use my giant camera while my other P&S is in the shop. So this is an overload of photos to make up for the last few days)

IMG_2410 copy 

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