Family Field Trip: Watson’s Drug Store


Watson’s has been right where it stands for over 100 years. It is still a working drug store with a pharmacy as well as a wonderful diner. Offering a wide aray of long forgotten sodas and shake combinations. My grandparents came to Watson’s, my parents came to Watson’s and today I took my boys to Watson’s. Just feels right.


IMG_2476-1And for those of you who hate to watch videos (it is only 3 minites), here some favorite pics. This wasn’t a full blown field trip- just a little lunch and a quick walk around Orange Circle (or Orange Plaza for the historians reading) through the antique shops and silly stores. Including a stop in the Army-Navy Surplus store. Just because you can never do enough firearm and camo shopping with your kids I say.




His first Blue Cream Frostie Soda! And he loved it!

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