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blogger Ball poster It is estimated over 8 million online journalist are writing on a blog somewhere in the world today. Topics as diverse as paleontology to mothering, from politics to celebrity gossip and everything in between. Businesses have taken note of these bloggers as a force to be reckoned with; just recently Motrin’s latest ad campaign was pulled from the air after it was panned badly on the world-wide mom-blog circuit for being offensive. However, the power of the blogger can be used for good (and not evil). Companies are offering free products ALL over the blogosphere to writers in exchange for positive reviews. It is a highly cost effective method of advertising.  And if written well, a review from a blogger can make the reader feel like they are getting a recommendation from a good friend.

But something that is missing from the online world is a way to connect with other online journalists in their geographical area. Sure it is great to become great ‘friends’ with someone on the other side of the continent…but to be able to meet people from your own neighborhood could be far more powerful. Collectively a local group of online journalists could promote and review products, local restaurants and services. And collectively…they could have a huge impact.


So how can we get people together?

Introducing The OC Blogger Ball 2009. (Like prom but without the awkward slow dances). The Glamorous Life Association is gathering close to fifty (can be upwards of 150 depending on sponsorships) online writers from the Orange County area who are looking forward to a night to gather and discuss local businesses and services to promote.

 How can you get in on the fun?

In exchange for donations of products and/or services you will be featured at the Blogger Ball. Any business information, samples or giveaways will be dispersed to the attendees. And a portion of the presentation will be dedicated to discussing your business. The Glamorous Life Association site is currently receiving close to 10,000 page views a week, and if you multiply that by the other writers in attendance, the influence to cost ratio is superb.

All Orange County writers are encouraged to place this button on their blog to help identify them as an Official OC Blogger to potential advertisers and sponsors.


Use code:

<a href=”http://marcywrites.com ” target=”_blank”><img src=”http://i303.photobucket.com/albums/nn145/marcyphotos/OCbloggerglamcopy-1.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”marcywrites.com”></a>


 Contact Marcy Massura today for information on how to participate in The OC Blogger Ball 2009.


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