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If you are reading this page you have either seen a recent recommendation, give-away or review post and are curious about my policies. Or you are a member of the FTC which in my opinion has NO PLACE regulating blog reviews/givea-ways and should then use your powers for good and not evil. But anyway, here’s my disclaimers…

1. I never make stuff up. I will not review any product or service unless I have actually used the product/service first hand. Which means Mr. PR person, don’t even dream of asking me to promote your product without sending me one. And if you are really confident…send me two. I will include a giveaway in my review post. Good for you. Good for my readers. Good for your product.

2. You will only hear about it if it is GOOD. I will very rarely give a negative review. If I have tested a product or service and I find it is not up to The Associations standards, I simply notify the product rep and not mention it again. I see no benefit or need to waste your blog reading time with negativity and critical rants. There is plenty of that out there. If I find I do not like a product/service I will return it to the business (if possible-I will never reimburse companies for the cost of experiences, such as entry into a museum etc.)

3. Yup. People give me stuff. Just like editor of the recommendation pages of your favorite women’s magazine telling you to try this mascara or how yellow sandals are a must this season, bloggers are also sent product in the hopes of it making the ‘review page’. This is nothing new in publications. Nothing controversial…….If I am posting about a product it should be assumed I was given one for free, unless otherwise stated. Occasionally I do buy products/services myself and am so thrilled I want you to know about it. But more frequently companies send me items, allowing me to use/try/experience a product I may never have never known existed. And if I like it? I will tell you. And if I don’t? See number 2.

4. I am the boss-lady here. While The Association rarely uses profanity or inappropriate images it still should be known that if your service/product/event is reviewed by The Association, you have no control over the content of the post. Do not request the reference to drinking cocktails (btw I am over 21!) out of the post because you are a ‘family oriented’ company. Family oriented? Or Amish? The Association is a private publication and all editorial controls and copyrights remain with the blog owner. (This applies as well to advertising on the sidebar. Just as if you placed an ad in a local newspaper, youwould have no control over the articles written near your ad, the same goes for The Association.)

5. Your cash is no good here. I do not accept cash for post reviews. Just feels creepy. I review based on experience. So send me something.I will let you know what I think. If I like it, I will let my readers know, and if I don’t- well, I won’t. (I do accept cash for NO REAL REASON. Like if you want to just support my Botox fund. Feel like giving to charity? Let me know and I will send you my PayPal info asap)


In a nut shell, you should know that my loyalty is always with MY READERS.

And I never want the readers (that’s YOU) to feel like I am SELLING them a product. I want you to feel like a good friend is just letting you know about her experience with a brand or product.

And you have my word on it.

Your friend~

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