"Try not to make too much noise while you clean up hun. I need my rest for golf tomorrow"

3030083787_be5711ce8d_o I wish you a Happy New Year! Hell, have a Happy New You while I am at it.

Well here it is folks, the expected post about New Year Resolutions. All the cool kids are doing it- so I figured I better join in too. I am a sucker for blogger peer pressure. So here is my motto "Resolutions-Just say no". Its catchy no? Feel free to use it. See, I am a big fan of self-betterment. I make an honest attempt to be ‘better’ every day. And by better I might mean I try extra hard to fold the clothes when the dryer beeps and not re-run it about 7 times before I fold. But I also think we should be nice to ourselves and not make deadlines or ultimatums either. I think it is great to want to look/feel/act better…but should we proclaim it to all, and feel the guilt when not accomplished by the time the year ends? I say no way. So I have some resolutions that are sorta on-going. Ones I made with myself YEARS ago that I am still working on. Yeah losing those 20 lbs that follow me every where is one, but another is being selective about who I call a friend. Another big one is to NOT feel guilty if I can’t fix all the problems of my family/friends/world. I may never achieve any of these resolutions well enough to move on to others. So they just sorta live with me everyday. And everyday I work on them. I am a work in progress…under construction….so please excuse the mess while I renovate. Myself.

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