Family Field Trip: Temecula, Calif.


What? She took her kids on another ‘field trip’? Yup. I like to get the most out of the winter break…so I try to do one thing a day with the kids. And today we drove about 50 miles to the town of Temecula. It is an old cowboy town. And thanks to the surge in the local winery businesses surrounding the town in the past 20 years it has now has become a wonderful day trip location. Antiques, historical buildings and great BBQ and burgers on nearly every corner. I once heard the place described by another Orange County native as “California’s version of the Napa Valley”. Um, Napa Valley IS ALREADY in California, genius. But having lived near the real Napa Valley in the past, I will say it is very similar in climate and terrain. For my next visit, I think I will ditch the kids with grandma and take my husband to tour a winery I think. Ya know, a grown-up field trip. Maybe you can meet me there?

Photo Notes: Jack filming the best antique tool store ever. 2. Jack posing in front of the Hotel Palomar sign (and yup, it is still a hotel) 3. Tucker looking too cool waiting on his burger at Mad Madelines.


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