The REAL Housewives of the OC? We raise pigs. Awesome.


For those of you doubters who think my tongue and cheek expression that I live a truly ‘glamorous’ life is not accurate, I now have a perfect example of just how unglamorous it really can be. We live in ‘The OC’, the heart of superficial, SUV driving, Juicy Couture wearing, Botox injecting kind of motherhood. But there is another side too. My side. The side where my oldest son came home from school the other day and wanted to know if he could have $300 to buy a pig. And raise it. Oh and he was going to do all this as a member of the 4H Club. Now I had HEARD of 4H before, in that I remember seeing their signs on rabbit cages at the Orange County Fair that I may have attended ONCE as a child. And I knew they were a group focused on teaching farming and agriculture to children. But other than that? Not so much. Even during that one visit to the fair I just assumed they must have trucked these kids in from some place rural like Fresno or Riverside (take no offense my Riverside readers, to a kid like me that WAS rural) . I never imagined there were 4H groups in ORANGE COUNTY. I was wrong people. Very wrong.

Last night we attended our first meeting in the basement of our local library.  I arrived nearly late after completely forgetting about the meeting. And I arrived without a stitch of makeup and wearing workout clothes (I can feel my mom shuddering at the thought). But ya know what? I fit right in.

These were nice people. Friendly and welcoming. And these were EARTHY people. Kinda granola-y. More like what I found when I lived near Berkeley for a while, and not at all the A-Typical Orange County cliche’ I had become so used to….it was shocking. And refreshing. We are still undecided if we are going to actually buy a pig of our own or just help raise someone else’s….I have a hard time getting Jack to clean his hamster cage, so I am not sure how having to drive to a near by ‘farm’ and muck pig poop out of a muddy stall everyday after school would work for us. But we will see. hey, who knows? Maybe raising pigs and joining 4H will be the next ‘HOT’ thing in the OC.

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