Swedish Rock Band #7: Norrlandspojkarna med Inger


“Can you get your mom to get out of the shot please? I don’t care if she did make our shirts- she can not be on the album cover.”


I found them here. And because the contents of their blog are SO SHOCKINGLY FUNNY. I absolutely must copy the best of it here. I am warning you. Swallow your coffee NOW. Do not attempt anything before you read this. It is….well, amazingly funny. And it was not written as a joke. It was listed in there ‘Facts about the band”…..hold on. Here goes…

1) Is Milos really Polish?
A: Yes! It is an amazing fact, but yes. He is from Poland.

2) Can Petr really eat 3 kg of herring in one meal?
A: Yes, girls, he can! How does he stay so skinny? That’s our FAQ! But Petr will not tell.

3) Is it true the members of Norrlandspojkarna (med Inger) cut each others’ hair on the road?
A: Four of them, yes. You will have to guess which ones!

4) How many teeth do all the members have all together?
A: Huh? Is that a trick?

5) Do the members of Norrlandspojkarna (med Inger) play Dungeons & Dragons every day?
A: Almost! It is important to the band to play before a show. Just make sure you remind them when it is time to put down the dice and pick up the instruments!

6) Is Inger really a hermaphrodite?
A: That will remain our secret!



**All the Swedish Rock Bands in the series can be found in the Funny Foto section on the sidebar!



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