Digging myself a hole.

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Remember that 4H thing my son got me involved in a few weeks back cuz he wanted to raise a pig for profit? Well somehow that turned into me spending my Saturday morning into planting plants in a nature preserve in Newport Beach. In the light rain. Can you stand all the glamour in my life? But the boys really enjoyed themselves, and I wasn’t really all that miserable…after all I had my camera with me. Which is like having a thermos of margaritas in with me…it just makes everything more fun. The Husband was there too. And made a killer supervisor (Ahem). Our family alone managed to plant about 25 plants….and then we bailed early. Cuz we figured that was enough good for one day. And I was cold.

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The nature area is in the flight path of the Orange County airport. So  while I was communing with nature and trying to save the world from global warming single handedly we had the joy of having commercial airplanes fly overhead every 15 minutes. Awesome.

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