7 year old Marcy sent me a message today…


While searching thru boxes of old photos I came across a small yellowed piece of paper folded into fours. I opened it and smiled. This is a poem I wrote when I was 7 years old. I don’t remember writing it, but it made me smile for another reason. Sometime after I was ‘an adult’ I had bought my dad a new wallet for Father’s Day, and to show his enthusiasm he took out his old wallet and began to transfer the contents to the new one. In the process this folded up paper tumbled to the ground. He picked it up and I ask what it was. He handed it to me and I could see it was this little, silly nature poem. He waited for me to stop reading and making fun of my spelling mistakes (I was able to spell ‘laughing’ but I got ‘birds’ wrong? ) and he folded it back up and put it safely in his new wallet.

Today, when I found this again I felt like he was standing right next to me as I gently unfolded the paper and read this childish poem outloud. Now thirty years after it was written- it hits my heart in so many places. And my warm, funny, handsome huggable dad was here and I was 7 years old all over again.

Oh yes, these are the days that I love.



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