Where a fashion trend goes to die. On a car.


Here in Southern California we love us some Ed Hardy fashion. You see mega members of the Momfia sporting Ed Hardy hats with their Juicy sweat suits as they go pick up their miniature accessory dogs from the groomers. You see goatie sportin guys wearing the tattoo inspired t-shirts to any event not listed as black tie. There are purses, shoes and good lord what have we here? We have an Ed Hardy CAR. Although the term ‘car’ is a bit of a stretch since this is mini electric car is about only 1 foot larger than my kids Hot Wheel toys. As I stood marveling at this branding gone WAY to far, and realizing this was a sure sign that all things Ed Hardy are coming to an end (once a trend reaches the car level, it is SO lame.) I asked my awesome niece to pose for me. She paused from her incessant texting to mock me with a peace sign and a smile. (isn’t she cute?)….and then we both had a very good laugh when we realized that the license plate on the car expressed my feelings exactly….


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