Sincerely Fro Me to You: Oh the regret


Welcome to the first Sincerely Fro Me to You Linky Party hosted here at The Association. I am honored and giddy just thinking Kristen trusted me to take this over. I have been a participant since day one…and loved every minute of it.

{New? Fro Guidelines}

In honor of my new Fro Party caretaker responsibilities, I give you, MY Fro. For those young readers…yes there actually was a time when we thought PERMS were a good thing. And all it took for me was one viewing of Flashdance to send me running to the hairdresser begging for my own curly Fro to call my own. I can remember leaving with my brand new hair pic in hand, and  light headed from the toxic fumes that only a good perm could generate. Check out those pursed lips. No I wasn’t mad, I actually thought I looked SEXY like this. Gosh I wonder where I got an idea like that?



Okay, your turn….Mr. Linky, take it away!

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