How to clean your karma.

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I love me some Tide. I watched my mom buy a big box of Tide every week at the store while I sat in the coveted place in the grocery store shopping cart; laying flat on the bottom. (Do you remember doing that as a kid or am I the only one?). Oh sure, I strayed and tried other brands in my 20′s, but the first time I complained to my Mom about the baby food stains I couldn’t get off my newborns bibs- she said ‘you must not be using Tide’. So I switched back and I will never cheat on my Tide again. And today I learned that Tide has a great charity/program where they sell these fabulous vintage-y t-shirts to raise money for families who have been victims of a disaster. The provide clean clothes to those who are left with nothing but the shirts on their backs. I think this is a worthy cause and look forward to wearing my Tide t-shirt with pride. Not everyday a t-shirt can make you a better person.

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