Its good to have it bad.



I am busier than ever right now.

I won’t list everything I have on my plate right now, because I am sure no one would believe me. A few years ago I would have been starting to break-down. I would have complained. I would definitely bitched whined. I would have worried constantly ‘how am I going to do it all?’ And if you hung out with me then I am certain you would have heard the ‘I am not doing this again! I am not going to volunteer/help/donate time/get involved ever ever again’ rant. But this year? This year is different. I have learned I enjoy my life to be this way. I am confident I will fulfill all my commitments and responsibilities. I know I can do it. I know I won’t let anyone down. Because I have been here before. And I survived. Actually I blossomed. I am better for having been an active participant in my own life. It has made me a better person by being helpful.

And right now I feel particularly privileged to be in a situation to be able to do all that I do for others.

Basically, I am grateful.

So you won’t hear me complain.

Not today anyway.

Of course, a nice romantic vacation (for two, sorry kids) to Vegas or Mexico wouldn’t hurt either.

But until then,I am going to enjoy my life.

And my worries.



(Special note to The Husband; I can only do all this because of you. Thank you.)


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