Sincerely Fro Me to You: Keeping it real.


Welcome to this week’s party!

It is B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Post) as always. So please drop your off with Mr. Linky at the door. If he is not there check over by the bar…Mr. Linky loves a good mimosa. Are you new to the Fro? Please check out the guidelines here. And then JOIN in! Everyone has a photo with a story….and we want to hear it!

That adorable little girl below is my niece Amanda (er, its just ‘Manda’ now that she is a college freshman. Ugh. I am old) and who is she holding? twins? siblings? Nope.

One of those cuties is Baby Jack when he was about 5 months old and the other is Amanda’s favorite doll at the time. I love how Jack looks like he is totally in on the joke. He seems to be smirking and saying "Yeah right Mom. I am doll. A doll that is just about to pee all over Amanda’s pants." Which is exactly what happened after I took this photo. And Amanda remained calm and said "guess you can tell which one is real now!"

 Amanda Manda is now a preschool assistant working on getting her teaching credentials.

And she can still tell the real ‘ones’ from the dolls.


Your turn!

I hoping my lurkers regulars join in today. Yes that is a dare.

And remember, Linky Parties are glamorous.

Not ready to join in? Well take a click trip to visit other participants.

After all, it isn’t a party until you are there!

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