Will you be my partner in crime, er romance?

I just heard from an old classmate (thank you Facebook) who has a friend serving in Iraq. And the guy in Iraq? He wants us bloggers to help us propose to his girlfriend! They asked me to be the ring-leader (I have ring-leader written on my forehead apparently) I don’t have a date yet (he hasn’t decided)…but when it goes down- I will be asking everyone to write a short post about marriage advice, and include a link. (the link will be his actual proposal-maybe even a live video feed from Iraq!)…we haven’t worked out all the kinks yet- but as soon as we do…I will let you know! I hope to get hundreds of bloggers to participate! So get ready to spread the word! (note: the girlfriend is not a blogger or blog reader so no worries on her finding out. He has it all arranged on how to get her to visit everyone’s blogs already on the BIG DAY). I know this is complicated…but I hope all of you will play along! Details to come soon.

A friendly reminder that tonight at 8:00 PST, the Sincerely Fro Me to You linky party begins. So drag out a photo that never made the mantle or scrapbook and tell us why! And lurkers? I am looking at YOU!


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