Place to Know & Go: Partyopolis

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Last year it started.

My kids were invited to no less than 12 ‘bounce parties’ each.

I am not kidding. I have seen the inside of about 4 different bounce house locations in my immediate area at least 30times in the last few years. For one brief moment I evenIMG_2549 copy looked into buying a bounce-house franchise! So I thought I knew bounce houses pretty well and was not expecting anything really new when I stopped by Partyopolis last week.

But boy was I surprised.

Sure they have the huge jumpers, a cute waiting area and even a party room. But this place is different. It is immaculately clean, well lit and huge. It has wonderful play area for the little toddlers who might not be ready for the big bouncers. And there is a rock wall for those kids who are older and are looking for even more challenge in their play. There is a comfortable waiting/watching area for the parents with actual CHAIRS (not the single cold steel bench I am used to fighting over at other bounce houses). And an air-hockey table, soda machine and a TV; and all of it was made better by a great sound system playing happy dance music. This was a fun place. A happy place and a place I would encourage anyone in the Orange County area to visit.

Here is the smartest thing EVER; they have a DATE NIGHT. Yup, drop your kids off and you go to a movie then pick up exhausted happy children at the end of the night. Sounds like a win-win to me! Partyopolis offers instructor led classes which focuses on exercise, coordination and of course FUN. To top it all off this business is owned by moms, and run by moms…..which might explain why Partyopolis is so wonderful.



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