Proposal Plan 2.0…needs YOU to make this happen!

Proposal20You remember my friend who asked me to help put together a plan to help another friend to propose to his girlfriend of many years? No? Well you can read about it here. The plan is coming together. And this is how you can help. On April 2, 2009. Please stop by the Association and link up (thank you Mr. Linky) to a post about wedding or marriage advice. Can be something from your archives, but I would love something written just for Proposal Plan 2.0. Once you link up, I will send you further instructions and how to help make this proposal happen. I am asking for help (evil geniuses can not operate alone). So please pick up this logo, and spread the word. I am hoping (praying) I can get hundreds of participants. Don’t you want to be apart of the first ever* blog proposal? Let’s make history together!

* “first ever” is kinda a guess. I have no idea if this has been done before. But it is still fun right?

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