Don’t pee on my rainbow please.

Holy Cow.

I really should have known better to promote anything as ‘FIRST EVER’. As in “First Ever Blog Proposal”… I knew it was gonna get people to come out of the woodwork (read blogosphere) to raise their hand and say ‘NAW-UH! I was first!’….Like this person, this post and even my mortal enemy this chick. But the funny thing is, none of those people did it even remotely similar to The Boy. Proposal 2.0 involved hundreds of you in a wonderful celebration of marriage, engagements and love via the linky party. It took tons of effort and planning by loads of people. Many many of us ‘refreshed’ and watched the comments in real-time waiting for HER answer. AND the actual proposal?

It wasn’t on someone else’s blog.

It wasn’t in blog comments.

It was on THE BOY’s own separate blog.

A blog created just for the proposal. AND there is the whole linky-get-the-entire-Internet involved angle…..

 So to me all of that makes it very different…..okay fine… maybe just a little different.

I never claimed it was the first ONLINE proposal…Just the first blog proposal.

I guess I should just change it to..the “BIGGEST and BESTEST and MOST AWESOMEST Blog Proposal.”

So take that all you bubble busters.

Oh whatever, it was FUN right?

Besides…I just love it when a plan comes together.

And I love it when two people come together because of a good plan.

Congrats MommyPie and PopPie.

You are one tasty couple.

To everyone who has ‘my back’…I appreciate it. But lets be nice to each other. No nasty comments k?

This post was my way of appologizing for calling it ‘the first’

Don’t be mad at people who say they were first.

I don’t want to spoil any of their memories either….


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