Keep a sense of humor people

IMG_1558-1 Last night I had snack shack duty (read: forced free-labor) up at the Little League field. And I had several overly perky women who came up to my window asking for their large cappuccinos and low-ice diet Pepsi (sorry Suz, even my Parks and Rec dept. is against you) who said to me “Isn’t it fun to work in the Snack Shack?” to which I replied “Oh yeah its great.” (my sarcasm was lost on this crowd). But I was really thinking “Um, NO Lady. The whole reason I went to college was to avoid jobs which involve liquid nacho cheese and things like cleaning hot dog grills. Working in the Snack Shack is not my idea of a good time.”

But I survived, and even had a good laugh with the frozen lemonade machine which made the whole night kinda worth it. Just making frozen lemonade outta lemons people.

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