Alice McBratney. I wanna party with you.

So I was away from the house this weekend for about 6 hours. And while I was away The Husband took the kids to a good ‘ol fashioned rummage sale up the street at our church. I was more than a little bummed I missed it IMG_1575-1(from 7am to 1pm only? What the heck?)….but that’s okay because when I got home I discovered the boys had purchased a gas tank to a Shadow Motorcycle (just cuz it looked cool) and this…The camo green bowling ball and case belonging to Mrs. Alice McBratney. Inside the bag the boys discovered several bowling tournament sheets with scores and teams form 1967. And also by the time I came home, Jack and Tucker had Googled Mrs. Bratney to see that she lived in San Diego, graduated high school in 1945 and her parents once owned an appliance store. Yeah you heard me right- I have trained my kids to look for the story behind random items too. Poor children, they are destined to a life of yard sales, antique stores and of course, church rummage sales.

But the real treasure for me in all this, was the game sheet. The one that gave up the team names in Alice’s 1967 bowling league. Now these seem like the kinda women I could drink bowl with on Wednesday nights. Not sure which team would be the best fit for me…. The Saddle Baggers? Four Nags? or perhaps the understated Team #4. I think maybe Suz and I would do well on The Unpredictables. But if they wouldn’t have me, there is always Alice’s team; The Brand-D-Sniffers. They were in 13th place and I think we know why. But I bet you, they had lots of laughs and I am sure Alice was the life of the lane every Wednesday night from 6-10pm.



Now what would be the name of your bowling team?

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