I hate having homework.

Recently my 5th grade son was assigned the most insane series of projects by his social studies teacher. Actually he wasn’t assigned it so much as a flyer came home with a website we were instructed to visit. And to my horror the website informed us we he had to make a 3-D map of his assigned state, a 3-D diorama of a place of interest, an illustrated brochure and a commercial or power-point presentation. All hailing the greatness of said state. There was minimal classroom instruction and nearly zero time in class to work on these projects. Nope this was all to be done at home by the parents students.

This is most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I am all for arts-n-crafts, and I love the creative project or two….but FOUR. And they were NOT required to submit the good ‘ol fashioned state report with bibliography and footnotes either. So basically, all my son learned from this nightmare assignment was the difference between rubber cement and hot glue. Oh and what words mommy can say when she is frustrated, but he is not allowed to repeat.

Still the commercial came out pretty cute….cute enough to share with the Internet. Wait for the Obama vs. Lincoln fight at the end. Yeah you heard me.

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