SFMTY: What happens in Wisconsin stays in Wisconsin


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After all public humiliation is the new extreme sport!


Do not attempt to adjust your screen. Yes, that is me and my beloved wearing ANTLERS. This is what happens when you cave to the 9 year old son’s pleading to let him take a few photos during a vacation to Wisconsin (it was way more fun than it sounds. This is my favorite re-cap post from that trip). He uses your generosity of letting him use your ‘good camera’ to take a photo like this. One that should have never seen the light of day. And yet once again I am posting it on the Internet. Cuz I am living the GLAMOROUS life and I want you to know it.

(One of you posted a MooseJaw Pizza Company photo like this recently. You are my inspiration. But really I just wanted to show you my photo was way more embarrassing. See? I win.)

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