PhotoTalk: His Pink Dream


It had always been Ronald’s dream to be the pinkest, furriest Easter Bunny in the parade.

This was the year his dreams came true.




A note about the PhotoTalk series: I have received plenty of emails asking where I find these photos and if these are part of my ‘bizzare family’. So I thought I would interject on the this post to explain a little bit about the process. First off let me assure you these photos are not from my personal family collection. However, sometimes after I finish writing a story I do feel close the subjects. The majority of the photos are a collective category called ‘Found Photos’….meaning someone has found either an undeveloped roll of film (thrift store or garage sale) or has purchased whole scrapbooks and photo albums of people they do not know. And then they have taken the time to scan these photos and upload them to places like Flickr or create whole websites showcasing their finds. A few have come from photos I have purchased at antique stores. This ‘story telling thing’ has been somewhat of a plaguing problem for me, since I was a young girl. When I see photos and sometimes even objects, my mind immediately writes the story. I ‘know’ the peoples names, their occupation and all the rest. The longer I look at a photo- the more I ‘know’ about the subjects and situation. Do I think for one minute that MY story is actually the real story? No. I understand it is fiction based on visual clues. But to be honest- I do often wonder about these people and if any of my details resemble the truth. If you enjoy the PhotoTalk series, remember there is a button on my side bar which will take you to the entire series. As always thank you for reading. And for being so dang Glamorous.

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