The New Retro has its best customer…


Here are just two things in my house which represent ‘The New Retro". A small notebook made to look like an old cassette. And it looks so real I almost want to stick my pinky in the holes and tighten up that loose tape. This notebook was sold at my kid’s Book Fair (yeah, not a book. Don’t get me started) which really humors me. Their customer base is age 5-10….and chances are unless their parents are WAY behind the times, these kids have never used a cassette. Now if it was shaped like a CD or ipod I could understand. But to no surprise, Jack picked it up and HAD to have it. And he said…’Oh this is so retro. Like WAY retro’. So somewhere this kid is getting the message about all this ‘old’ stuff and he can’t get enough of it. He wears his favorite ‘seat belt’ belt nearly everyday. Made from real recycled ‘across the hips’ seat belts in a style he has never ever used in his life. And this is only a sampling of his real love of all things retro. He sports Fedora and Page Boy style hats every waking moment. He prefers his retro Addias stripe tennis shoes over new Nike ones. Whenever he is given a choice (clothing, toys, music, etc) he always gravitates to the retro item. Happily there is plenty of it around these days. And it is a sensibility we both share, so I love every minute of it actually. The only hard part for me is realizing what Jack considers retro is actually from my childhood.


(A very rare photo of Jack without a signature hat. Man I love this boy. I barely even remember what the world looked like before I met him.)

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