Sincerely Fro Me to You: Making contact.

FrobuttonSMALL150Welcome to Sincerely Fro Me to You! This is a Linky Party, and it is BYOP so drop your post at the door with Mr. Linky. Guidelines and explanation on why we would all want to post embarrassing  photos can be found HERE.

Once upon a time (circa 1982) my mother bought (for all of us to give)a new arc welder for Father’s Day to give to my dad . Because they were romantic like that. Actually, my dad said it was one of the best gifts he had ever received, so she knew him pretty well I guess. Anyway we had this giant box and no wrapping paper. But for some reason we did have several rolls of blue grid Contact Paper. So I decided to ‘wrap’ the large and very heavy box. I couldn’t lift the box up, so I wrapped everything but the bottom. And then I got all creative; I sat there an cut out letters for the box in a contrasting Contact Paper. (Really Mom, why did we always have so much contact paper in our house?)  I must have been sitting there for quite a while, because somewhere in the middle of my creative frenzy, I fell asleep. With pieces of contact paper stuck to my legs. And of course- my Mom took a photo. Because she knew someday I would want to embarrass myself in front of the whole Internet. Thanks Mom. And Dad? Not sure if you get Wifi up in Heaven…but I am sorry I put contact paper over the only box opening. I didn’t really think that one thru to well.



Okay People. Your turn.

Just give it a try.

Its like therapy. Only cheaper and less effective.

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