I think I will call mine ‘Bitchy Blogger’.

Yup. You are reading the photo correctly. This is a ‘dippin sauce’ (which I really have no idea what the heck that is…) and the name is Drunkin Priest. Okay so is this suppossed to be FUNNY?  I can just see the ya-hoos sitting in their kitchen:

Beavis: ‘Dude remember that time when Rob got his DUI on Halloween? That was frickin HY-LARIOUS.”

Butthead: “Totally Dude. And he was dressed like a priest. That is comedy man”

Beavis: “Hey. We should totally sell our killer dipping sauce and call it that, dude. We should call it Drunk Priest!”



I don’t know about you but I don’t really find the idea of a drunk priest all that funny. But then again I am not in the market for any ‘dippin sauce either. Maybe in the dippin sauce market this kinda thing IS funny. Maybe the dippin sauce market is full of ‘comedy’ like this….full of bottles named ‘Slutty Nun Dippin Sauce’, ‘Criminal Cop Dipping Sauce’ or the popular ‘ Unfaithful Husband Dippin Sauce’…..so maybe I just don’t fully understand the whole dippin sauce market.

And in case you haven’t guessed. This was found in my endless spring of comedy- Yorba Linda Hardware. So now you know where to go for some akwardly named dippin sauce in the OC. Dude.

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