A glamorous evening…


Sometimes my life actually is quite glamorous. Last night I attended the Otis Benefit Fashion Show at the Beverly Hilton. And getting ready for this date night, felt just like prom. For weeks I searched for the right dress, shoes and purse. I had my hair done, nails done and worked on losing 20lbs in 2 weeks (yeah, it didn’t work). The baby sitter was hired and the night finally came.

img_2634-copy1The sad thing is, once we were all dressed up and ready to go, we had no one to take our photo. So we tried to do a self shot….and I took this one of my dress in a mirror….whimg_2615-copyen my kids saw me, they said ‘Wow Mom, we have never seen you look so much like a girl before!”. Thanks boys. Good to know I can still look like a girl once in a while.

We have gone to lots of things like this over the years, but the last time we attended this same event was in 1998. We were living in Hollywood and had no idea of the crazy life ahead of us (2 kids, 4 moves, 4 houses etc.) We have had  job changes, career changes and diaper changes. It has been a busy fast ride. There were familar faces and new people to meet. We chatted, bantered and made small-talk. And it was loads of fun. And while we were no longer the ‘young’ and ‘up and coming’ power couple in the apparel industry, we were now the older, wiser and established duo. And that is okay by me. It has taken me sometime, but I think I am finally accepting my age and realizing that while the endless potential of my youth might have passed, I still have plenty more ahead of me. And I plan to do it all…still looking like a girl.

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