A gift guide. Like no other.

bspr-0095Now is that time of the bloggy year when all us mommmy bloggers  use our blogs as a obvious subtle way to send a message to the kids and/or significant other about what they want for their big day. We disguise it as a ‘gift guide’…but we all know it is one big post to The Husband. Actually, I have no one thing I have my heart on (well within a reasonable budget) so instead I am going to offer to you a few selections from this website, which just seems to get me. This year I am just looking forward to a nice brunch and a nice nap.

How about getting this for yourself and for the children! Finally they will know what you really mean when you say such classics as ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ and ‘do you WANT a spanking?’.

And then there is the gift that does all the talking for you.


Or how about a nice wall plaque. Perhaps it could be hung in the children’s bedrooms. It could be incorporated into their nightly prayers me thinks.




And when you are feeling nostalgic and wishing for the days when your children were younger…how about this? Hey who smells so good? Why that is my Play-Doh Perfume!





Next time your husband comes home late and you have had it up to here (arm raised to ceiling) with the kids, and you want to treat yourself to a glass of wine…here is the perfect glass.




So there you go Moms. Forward this ‘gift guide’ to the appropriate people. And sit back and reap the rewards.No need to thank me. That’s what I am here for.






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