See you at Glamour Girls!


 I have taken my fair share of family portraits in my photography career. And I have always worked hard to make sure they look natural and comfortable. Well, as natural and comfortable as you can look standing 2 inches from your family and smiling. But recenlty I was sent a link (by several of you good people) to this fabulous site. Where the awkward family photo goes to new levels of comedy. Enjoy. And if you are anything like me, you are going to stare at those photos and ask yourself ‘I wonder what became of these people?’….I am pretty sure they are all Wal-Mart greeters by now. Just sayin. Here is a favoritewith my added commentary:

This family all shares a rare genetic condition which connects their fists to their chin. So sad don’t you think? Well at least it made posing for this photo easy. “Everyone! Dog pile on DAD!”……



And I can only IMAGINE what is this Glamour Girls event in January.

Good lord.



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