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frobuttonsmall1501Welcome to Sincerely Fro Me to You!

Read guidelines for entry here. Its really very simple. And a quick note to let you know I will be moving the FRO to a monthly linky. I am hoping this will give participants more time to gather/scan old photos and get their posts up. (will be 2nd Thursday of the month) And I am still getting so many email questions about scanning-so I want to encourage everyone to use this service. It is cheap and fast and so reliable. And now…on with the show.

00000328-1This is part of my chilhood neighborhood ‘gang’.

And I am the one in the driver seat. Although I am certain I was just placed there by my mom for the shot. My dad made that killer go-kart…and everyone on our street used it for years. The cute boy I am sitting on? That is my big brother Steve. The blonde at the left? That was the girl who used to try to knock me off my big wheel by throwing basket balls at me. Yeah, real nice. Recently Tucker and I have been looking for plans to build a wood go-kart for our summer wood project (I try to do one a summer with the boys. Ya know. To make them manly and because it makes them think I am way cool) so I pulled this jewel up for him to see. And the main thing he was interested in? The key necklace around the next of the neighbor-girl in the back. So I had to explain ‘latch-key kid’ and how times have changed. And I thought I had done a pretty good job….until Tucker just said “Naw. That can’t be true. She is just wearing it to look cool”. I giggled and understood. Because sometimes it is hard to believe how different things are…and at the same time how much hasn’t changed.

Now. LINK UP. I can’t wait to see what you bring to the party!



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